Leslie Salvan - Phd Student
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After graduating from the french engineering school INSA de Rouen (general engineering and industrial risk management) and from the Erasmus Mundus joint master's degree EuroAquae (hydro-informatics and water management), I decided to go further in the study of urban water management. I became very interested in urban drainage during my master's thesis which I carried out in Berlin. This 6-month-experience enabled me to study thoroughly one part of the combined sewer system of the city.
I started my PhD in October 2014 within the Innovative-City lab (http://www.innovcity.eu/jahia/Jahia/) in collaboration with ECOMERS lab. I am working on the dynamic management of the drainage system for Nice city under heavy rainfall conditions. My study implies the modelling of hydrological and hydraulic processes with numerical models. I have several modelling objectives since, first, I wish to build a model as close to the reality as possible, and secondly, I want to design an operational model able to run in a limited time without losing too much in accuracy. My goal is to determine in which way the operation of the drainage system could be improved in order to reduce the risk of urban flooding and decrease the spillage of pollutants in the sea.